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Product FAQ

What is the product drop?

AION will send new prototypes to our testers on a 90 day cycle. We know that greater accessibility to devices is important, so we are bringing a consumer product focus to the prosthetic world.

What kinds of devices does AION make?

Our first round of prototypes are terminal devices for upper extremity mechanical prosthetics. These are functional, well-designed alternatives to the current hook hand that users can plug into the end of their body-powered arm. Our devices are 3D printed for quick development and feedback response.

AION designs both upper and lower extremity prosthetics, but our current product drops are focused on upper extremity.

How much does it cost?

We are requiring a $50 deposit to experience product drops. The deposit for our prototypes is one-time, refundable, and meant to secure your spot on our testing list. Your deposit will be refunded whenever you’d like to stop receiving prototypes and can also be applied to the purchase of any of our finished future products.

What happens next?

Once you join the beta community the AION team will follow up with additional steps and information.