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The AION team collaborates with a community of amputees and uses a designer skill set to bring user empathy and product innovation to a neglected industry.

AION’s team consists of four industrial designers with expertise ranging from engineering technology to design strategy.

The AION team standing beside each other.

The Aion team is (L→R)
Samuel Christianson, Ben Satterlee, CHarlie Erdman, & Josh Becker

Prosthetics powered by you.

Traditional prosthetic models are simply not enough. Through empty promises and poor design, these overpriced devices have lacked the true innovation needed for you to live the life you deserve.

We are AION, the first direct-to-consumer prosthetic maker.

Design in Progress

AION Prototype v1.0

Our first round of prototypes are terminal devices for body-powered prosthetic users. These are well-designed, cable-driven hands that users can swap the current hook hand for. Our prototypes are 3D printed for quick development and feedback response.

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